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A cannabis business accelerator focused on serving social equity entrepreneurs

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Illinois is on the brink of something HUGE.

You need more than a great idea to flourish, thrive and be successful in the booming cannabis industry. You need access to money, resources and technical knowledge to beat the competition.

We partner with world-class academic institutions while maintaining complete independence. We’re focused on the great citizens of Illinois, and we’re ready to accelerate social equity entrepreneurs by providing technical knowledge of the industry and access to social and financial capital.


Gromentum Lab™ provides social equity entrepreneurs the technical, professional, educational know-how, networks and access to capital to build a cannabis business.



weeks of business acceleration

Gromentum Lab is a 16-week intensive accelerator that prepares and supports social equity entrepreneurs, connects them to investors so they can launch, grow and sustain their for-profit businesses across the entire seed-to-sale value chain.



Experienced mentors

Gromentum mentors are industry experts and experienced professionals who level the playing field for Illinois' adult use cannabis entrepreneurs, by standing shoulder to shoulder with them at every step of their path toward success.



Thousands impacted

Gromentum is committed to serving impacted communities and people where injustices were created by the war on drugs. We provide education, tools and resources to help navigate the new cannabis industry so that they’re best prepared to compete as entrepreneurs in a vibrant yet competitive market-place.

Gromentum Lab™ will be conducting a full spectrum blend of events to help prospective entrepreneurs before the accelerator is opened to the first cohort.

Community Conversations-Gromentum Lab team has been invited to churches and other community organizations to 'unpack' the new Illinois Cannabis legalization and taxation law with an emphasis on how it impacts people in those communities and what people who are interested in taking advantage of the equity opportunities the new law brings need to do to get started. Conversations are starting in August. Please reach out if your community would like the Gromentum Lab team to visit yours.

Non-cannabis-related Expungement Fairs- in preparation for applying for cannabis licenses, applicants must address other issues that may be impacting their records, Gromentum Lab is coordinating resources from the Cook County Circuit Court to address those issues. Fairs will take place starting in September.

Cannabis Industry Workshops- intended to introduce future social equity entrepreneurs to the cannabis industry and begin to develop business ideas, Gromentum Lab will host two 2-part workshop series. Keynote speakers, panelists and exhibitors in the industry will share experiences to help ground participants' understanding about the realities of the experience working with the plant and focus on their own strengths to build their own business. Workshops planned for September through December.

Cannabis License Application Clinics- the first cannabis License applications will be due in Conditional Adult Use Dispensing Organizations and will be available no later than October 1, 2019, and applications will be accepted no later than January 1, 2020. Gromentum Lab will host application clinics to ensure social equity applicants submit the most competitive applications possible.

Through participation in these events social equity team applicants will be well positioned to become selected for the Gromentum Lab accelerator and to eventually launch a successful ventures in the Illinois cannabis market.


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Accelerator Program

The first Gromentum Lab™ accelerator cohort will begin in Spring of 2020. To learn more about how the program will work and what it can offer, click “See our programs” below!


Our informational workshops are scheduled throughout 2019. Sign up for one to ready yourself for the application process and to learn the basics of the industry.

Whether you’re an aspiring (or existing) business owner, an experienced practitioner, or are looking to invest in the industry, we’d love to connect with you.

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Our cannabis and entrepreneurial development workshops will give you the opportunity to learn what’s happening in IL with medical-use and how adult-use will change things.


Gromentum mentors are industry experts and experienced professionals who level the playing field for Illinois adult use cannabis entrepreneurs, by standing shoulder to shoulder every step towards the path to success. 


Our goal at Gromentum is to enable new entrant-investors to vibrant and profitable opportunities within the cannabis industry in Illinois.